the odds

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As soon as I became sensitive to gluten, I discovered something amazing. Most people that I encounter know someone, or know of someone who has a problem with gluten. This whole world, this network of people has suddenly opened to me. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but it's amazing, there's always a brother's girlfriend, or an aunty's nephew, a sister, a neice, a friend...

When I made treats for the office, two other Gluten-Free individuals were discovered. In the past two months, I've discovered another two. That brings us up to 5 - granted we are a large office, but still. Now, if we start adding spouses, my supervisor's husband is a Celiac...

This week, I'm doing my First Aid. In a classroom with only 12 people total (including the instructor), I've had discussed the GF life with two of them. One classmate was diagnosed as Celiac as an infant, only to discover 30 years later, that he had been misdiagnosed. I knew it was true as I watched him eat a delicious looking lunch. The instructor? As a child her son was also diagnosed as allergic to Gluten: he has since grown out of it.

3/12 people have been directly affected by gluten.
And it's only day 2.

Seriously...Gluten is everywhere!


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